by Grim

[Verse 1:]
Yung Grim with the night shade
Scars on my wrist, but gotta find the right blade
Whiskey handle till I feel the right way
Seems like no other motherfucker wanna be simpin' when grim ain't around so I might just load another round till I'm slumped out
Laying down six feet in the ground
From the town where the kids gotta sound that make the whole world go around
But the underground ain't too proud
Just light another spliff & pass that shit
But keep that shit from me before I blast yo shit
Don't tell me to ash that shit
Just give me yo ass to hit
Layin' in bed starin' at the ceiling feelin' like a bullet would cure this mental disorder..
Call it love I call it torture
This bitch, wanna torch her
Fuck around smoke a port, or go and blow my brains
Find my body in the corridor
Sneak in using the chloroform
Throw her in the trunk of the four door
Leave her stranded six miles from the border

[Verse 2:]
Get the fuck up out my face
Might just hit up Mace just to blow yo brains
Bitch my phone ain't a place to be going and showing your other face
Bitch you driving me insane, no sleep just another kreep with a fleet of mentally deranged motherfuckers who wanna bleed, just like me (just like me)

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On Insomniac by Grim

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