The Dark Side of the Chant

Black Wings

by Gregorian

on The Dark Side of the Chant (2010)

Hold back in the silence
The wind and the sun at your side
Feeling the elements
That blow through your voice
And your cries
Twisted like the rambling rose
That holds you and tears at your skin
Stay awhile in seet repose
And wait for the night to come in

Black wings and a dark house
A grey ribbon light in the sky
A girls eyes holding promise
The red of the lips you deny
Dark froms sliding over
The corners of rooms you hold dear
Deep in your conscious(ness)
The shadows where we appear

Timeo danaos et dona ferentes

Enter the temple
Enter the church of your mind
Give into redemption
Come leave the living behind
Join us in a burning fire
Dance as the morning falls
There we will wait for you
Till the night mist once again calls

Timeo danaos et dona ferentes

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On Black Wings by Gregorian

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