Glen Phillips

Is It For Me

by Glen Phillips

Through the door
What do I see?

Bradley says it's haunted
The house upon the hill
And if we met at 4 a.m
Then we would know for sure
We carried the ladders
And leaned them against it
And climbed them as we looked
Someone kicked the ladder
Bradley took a spill
Said his leg was broken so we
Dragged him down the hill

And through the door
What do I see? (it happens)
Something is happening
Is it for me?

Is it for me?

Mom found out the whole thing
Mine was first to call
Bradley's leg healed badly
At least he still can walk
We leave in the morning and
No one will hear us and
Meet in the clearing and
I'll bring the sandwiches
David, come quickly
You're missing the whole thing
Open your big eyes
Take in the sunrise


Is it for me?

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