Stacking Caskets

Stacking Caskets (Ft. Raw-B)

by Ghxsty

on Stacking Caskets (2020)


Runnin' and runnin', I outrun the magick
Flow is so cold but the beat like a dragon
Hopped on the curb and I get their necks crackin'
GHXSTY appear, now the ambulance near

Gunnin' and gunnin', I stack up the caskets
Bodies in the bag, I am running out of plastic
Stretching these demons make em all look elastic
Hot with the gadget, stuck like a magnet

Aye yeah, move so elaborate (yeah yeah yeah)
Hit em with the iron and I bust em like a gasket (bust em like a, bust em like a yeah)
Aye yeah, watch how I blast it
This pump like a cannon, man it shook the whole planet
Aye yeah, pop it n stash it (pop)
Slide through the night, I'm creeping like a bandit
Hey yeah, the clip I cashed it
Wondering where ya last breath went I snatched it


Nail in the coffin, I'm stacking these caskets
Bones in my closet and blood on the mattress
Thinking I probably should burn 'em to ashes
But they like trophies, I feel like a champion
Killin' my flesh and I'm killing these beats and I kill enemies why I kill everything
Won't see a doctor, I won't see a priest
I just talked to my pastor he said, "let 'em leak." (Yuh)
Know that ya boi gotta eat (Yuh)
Open the Word; issa feast (Yuh)
Won't get the Mark of the Beast (yuh)
Think it's that season to reap (Yuh)
I have been sowin' and growin'; they know that I'm rollin in dough Never fold, on my God
They in the scope and told 'em, "All go" but they won't so I gotta unload "gra-ta-ta"
I got these suckers on lock and they know it
Pop in a clip with their name on the bullets
Y'all thought I ain't had your card till I pulled it
Y'all picked a fight when you fools shoulda booked it
Just keep on tellin' me lies, I put one in your eye and then cut your head off like I'm David
Got them mob ties like I'm Drake, I'm surrounded by guardian angels
I feel like I made it


Cross on my back and the Ghost it is livin so deep inside of my chest!

Armor on me all time; covered in blood it is how I am dressed!

(What! What! What! GHXSTY!)

Cross on my back and the ghost in my chest
Anointed, appointed, they say that I'm blessed
My demons look nervous, I keep 'em all stressed
Now watch me introduce the noose to the neck
Gunnin' and gunnin', I stack up the caskets
Pushin' on their block, that's gridlock traffick
Heard 'em steppin to me and I caught 'em in the attic
Hit 'em with the static and watch 'em all panic
Roll with the 'matic, Holy Ghost fanatic
Keep that on lock, I got myself a habit
66 is the fix, I really gotta have it
Blood-stained fabric; run like a rabbit

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On Stacking Caskets (Ft. Raw-B) by Ghxsty

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