The Columbia Singles Collection (1949-1964)

One Dozen Roses (And Our Love)

by George Morgan

on The Columbia Singles Collection (1949-1964) (1996), Remembering The Greatest Hits Of (1975), Tender Lovin' (1964)

One dozen roses and our love a mom and dad's prayer to you above
Happy birthday little dove one dozen roses and our love

Well today is your birthday sweetheart and you would have been sweet sixteen
Sure you were our only daughter you were your mom and your daddy's little queen
See we were gonna give you up party and everything but the Lord called you away
To sleep in his beautiful garden so we brought you this pretty bouquet
Yeah your mom is here with me you know with the roses in her hand
You know somethin' else she has your little white Bible to kinda help us understand
Oh we're gonna miss you so much precious daughter as we both kneel here to pray
But we're gonna leave you these pretty roses on this your special day

One dozen roses and our love...

Song Comments (3)
On One Dozen Roses (And Our Love) by George Morgan

By Michelle Jenkins


Hi, the song I'm looking for goes something like. "Today is your birthday, means a day about you. Time to think of the memories you have with everyone who loves you. Now let me sing to you, now let us sing to you, happy birthday"
By Bishop


As mama danced out the door singing He's still in the fire and walking through the flames
By Bishop


It was by a male older singer that use to come on TBN constantly and came out of the country western background before singing gospel
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