Pumped Up

by Gaz the Rapper

on Torches (2011)

All the other kids in the pumped up kicks
Try to tell me different but I know just how to live
I could spit it so freely if you put me on the spot
I don't gotta be dealin' to be rollin' down the block hot

Only motherfucker to ever get the job done
I'm not gonna wait forever to be on one
Listening to forest hill every single song dope
When in the hell am I ever gonna meet J cole

Only one stay connected no wifi
Shit appear in front of me like what is this? Sci fi
Bitches wanna get with me but I'm really nice guy
Roll a couple doobies and we'll sit under the night sky

What do you think girl how does that sound?
What do you think world? Ready for a bow

This just in, Gaz the Rapper
They're ready for us now

In no way
Was I expecting to be so brave
And so late, to the party
Now they wanna sit around, listen to a Gaz beat
Heard my new single, shit girl already got me
Wanna take another hit? Best believe I got weed
Ain't no body hurt by a little Bob Marley
Haters got me in the dirt?
Shit man hardly
This shit gnarly

(Hook from Pumped Up Kicks)

When I try to bring the lyrics back, cause they really mean something
Looking at the new rap, motherfuckers need loving
I just wanna be something
You ain't never seen coming
Baked every day son
We don't even need ovens

So I'm making all my songs getting feedback
And I wonder when they'll ever feed me back
I've been playing the game, for a year and some change
See the ball over my head can I receive that?

See the lay of the land
I was made in this land
I'm a VA man and I'm raising my hand
Saying Gaz the Rapper man he ill
I ain't living in LA its CVILLE
These ladies thirsty call me refill
I'ma make a tape ASAP, hoping it could be trill
Never gonna take back, never gonna stand still
Just got rocked so forget about the we will

(Hook from Pumped Up Kicks)

Super saying everything they better call me Goku
Off the Dome is my go to
Play the track back a few more times and you'll realize
Son I already told you
What I am, where I'm from
What I can, what I want
Where I stand on the plan to defend all the fronts
And it's never easy when you gotta switch shit up
I never knew that rapping could be so damn tough
Never knew that rapping could be so damn fun
So I blaze it up, and just play the stuff
Was a little bit behind but I made it up
Even heard people saying damn Blake is tough
So I'm out here recording like a go pro
Just living my life in slo mo
I don't know where they other kids gone go
I'll just give em my own show

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