Gaz the Rapper

New Times

by Gaz the Rapper

(Verse 1 [Swi
You know 703 is where the family be
But I'm in Jersey, high off some THC
Maybe an addy or 3, or LSD
You never know with me, just check the degrees
Drop it, now watch the thoughts rearrange
Or spin the record like a drop top in the rain
Leave the seats covered in the purest form of pain
I am that nigga that's killin it, right?
We gettin faded and you're feelin it like
You hit it three times and your head's gettin light
Three joints quick to burn, live and learn
Watch the axis turn, no metaphor with this one
Vibing off the feeling for a minute let the record run

(Verse 2 [Gaz])
My flow's dirty, wanna see what I mean?
The only plaque that I've got, is on my teeth
The only tracks that I'm on done by my team
Now we back, droppin bombs, with an LLC

Been workin for so long, nothin fell on me
They say time'll tell, will it tell on me
I hope that these years, lookin well on me
It's weird to think, new MCs would flunk, a spelling bee
It's a tragedy
That in a genre so defined by spoken word
These rappers spit a couple lines, I don't know what I heard
I'm a bit concerned
But as a master, of flow and genre
I return the serve
I go lasagna, got layers to my sauce
Hoes on pause, flows by Gaz
Mind keeps running and the beats don't stop
And now we got fans yelling please don't stop, like please don't stop

(Gaz Transition)
New Times
A little familiarity mixed with new rhymes
A new zone that's breakin right outta your mind
Old school, new school and trippy shit all combined like


(Verse 3)
Flow fire
Float higher
No tires, I burn out
So tired
Where will I find inspiration?
Where is our next destination?

If we the villains in fact
Killing tracks
How come we stay so matter of fact
Spitting tacks
One question to ask
Do we really know what we want
Not tryna front
Tryna smoke this blunt hit me up

So blunt smokin
Night tokin
And hot boxin
Kept our minds open
Tryin to drop toxins
I am not stoppin, until the day when
Pops and my mom and my team don't pay rent
Make what you need of this
On some undefeated shit
Winds of change comin, rain thunder and sleet in this
This is my conversation, this is how im leading this
Eavesdrop, poser ya you leanin in
Knock knock me again
Sorry had to go and tear the scene up
Terrified of whack shit that I seen, brah
Beam up
To a new dimension
It goes with no mentions
We villains to the section

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On New Times by Gaz the Rapper

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