Gared A.


by Gared A.

Okay okay
Let's talk about me
Not money, not fame, not power, not weed
Let's talk about dreams
The things we wanna make true and not believe
Let's talk about we
Like we had a cause for anyone to really care
They don't care about backgrounds, old news, or anything
All the new shit is really unfair
But we only care about bling
Don't defeat me, don't uncomplete me
Don't beat me, me, me
[Chorus: Carson Marion] (x2)
Let's talk about me
Me, me, me
Let's talk about me
Don't try to defeat me
Cause when you do you will see
I'm just gonna be the only one, that's me
I'm not gonna be someone else, just me
No one cares about you they said
But when I got into the business I started makin' this bread
Now when I go to sleep I'm countin' money in my head
Money ain't a option, I got plenty
Eatin' this bread, I'm not empty
[Bridge (x2)]
Don't try me, I'm me
I'm me, I'm me, I'm me. I'm me
I'm just me, I'm me, I'm me
[Chorus: Carson Marion] (x2)
Let's talk about me
Me, me, me
Let's talk about me
[Verse: Carson Marion]
Let's talk about me and all of the pains in life
Especially the ones you go through with your life
Oh, I'm not frontin', I'm just in the game I am stuntin'
I see all of them rap bitches frontin'
Then they see me they start stuntin'
Can you see that I am magic
And not what you think
[Chorus: Carson Marion] (x4)
Let's talk about me
Me, me, me
Let's talk about me
I'm just me

Song Comments (4)
On Me by Gared A.

By Diana Furness


I heard the song on the Showtime's Couples Therapy tv show. It started with a blusey guitar lead then a woman sing rhythmically My ears wide open. Yeah, I know you. You keep on talking. Let's talk about me, me, me, me. Me, me, me.
I want know the title and who sang it.
By Melissa


I'm obsessed with this song as well since I heard it last night. Yours is the only comment or reference I've been able to find ANYWHERE about this song. I can't believe more people aren't looking for it. So tonight I made some progress. The song listed above ("Me" by Gared A.) is not it. I reviewed the show credits and discovered the song was performed by Jason Hill (he's also listed as the "Music" credit) and Ari Ingber. No name to the song was provided. Jason Hill is "Jason Staehler Hill" (there's a wiki entry for him) and he's also done the music for Mindhunter (Netflix), et al and was in a band. He's not on Twitter under his own name, but as "Vicky Cryer" (@Vicky_Cryer -- band name). Anyhoo, he posted a tweet with a link to an article about the show, and how he and Ari created the music, so I replied how much I love the song at the end of the first episode and whether the song's available anywhere. Waiting to hear back! *crosses fingers*
By Melanie Fitchett


I loved it immediately, too! Both Shazam and SoundHound apps couldn’t identify it, so it must be super new or obscure...but clearly not for long!!! Would love to know when you hear back from him! Nice job hunting him down!
By Gift


I am looking for a song that has these lyrics:
Catch me when I fall, who can hear me when I call, I need someone I need someone I need someone... who can love me for who I am
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