5 Star (Explicit Version)

5 Star

by G-Lotto

on 5 Star (Explicit Version) (2009), Live Now, Die Later

Flawless! Flawless
You know I'm Flawless

Tell me what yo name is girl
(You a 5 Star)
Yo lips yo smile yo eyes
(You a 5 Star)
Them hips them legs them thighs
(You a 5 Star)
Baby this is great jus like my mixtape
(Give it 5 Stars)

[Verse 1]
You can't deny that I take pride
I, 2, 3, 4 this my 5th time
I need a 5 Star chick
Where my queen at? (Queen at)
Sit in the chair like Fat Joe
And I Lean Back (Lean Back)
And watch her work, twerk
Don't hurt nobody (Hurt nobody)
Somebody girl at this party
Gettin' naughty (Party gettin' naughty)
Nigga gimmie room
It's a threesome in the back room
Tai got the camera gettin' bonus footage
Record these freaks look around
All you see is asscheeks
Throw the alley-oop
And you know I'm bout to slam her
I'm tryna be a gentleman
But I forgot my manners
(I forgot my manners)
I need a freak in the sheets
That can be a lady
All I really want is you
Holla at me babyy


[Verse 2]
I put in a lot of work
I came up out that basement
Relax and take notes
You talkin' to the G.O.A.T
Can't let my team down
I'm the captain of the boat
Hip-Hop under the weather
Shit I got the antidote
Shout out to every chick in the club
With the tight outfits
I got a tool in my pants
Bout to drill it can you feel it
Cup fuller than a mug bout to spill it
Dubs ain't the only one
That got girls catchin' feelings


Flawless! Flawless
These tracks are Flawless
You know I'm Flawless uh!

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