Miami hotboy

by Fukkit

(Ay, okay)
(Ay, okay)
(Yeah, okay)
(Ay, ay, ay, ay okay) Yeah, Okay

She got a name that I can't pronounce
I'm Miami Hotboy make that (?) bounce
How I treat my niggas is a different system
How I treat my bitches they some hand me downs
Rollin' crazy on that 9-5
I got my niggas with me we was born to die
I tell her pass the pot or pass the bottle back
I gotta hit the sack and now- Fuck I'm high

I'm a dirty bastard smoke grey
Livin' that day-by-day is okay
Bitch I been up all night
I got that ass in sight
And I'm about to dig in that grave
Bitch you look good tonight, let me tell you somethin'
Are they fuckin' me?
Yeah it ain't for nothin
I'm Miami Hotboy, girl you know it's me
So take those panties off, I got a date at 3

I'mma pull the chopper for all these fuckin' niggas
I ride around my city like, "The fuck, nigga?"
Where the party at? Where the Bacardi at?
Don't take a sip of that shit unless you fuckin' niggas
I'm a 'lil well known how I beat the beaker
It's a science nigga you gotta meet the teacher
Came to (?) I got my dick inside her
Look at that ass, thank you Jesus

God damn... That's a fat fuckin' ass, mane
Yo straight up...
You ever done porn before?
I'm-I'm sorry
Alright, alright, alright, I was- I'm sorry (Ayyy, ay)
Alright, we cool? (Ayyy, ay)

Bounce on my dick
Lemme see you hit a split
I go fuck around and throw your ass a $20 tip
Look at me, do I look like the type that has some kids?
Open up that fuckin' mouth
I'mma show you how I finish (Bing!)

Back in the party I'm gettin' too turnt
Smokin' a blunt (?)
Brandon look at me like, "Nigga you good?"
I just fell on the bitch, but I vomited first

Start the car nigga we gotta disperse
Hold my card nigga we boutta be rich
It's Miami Hotboy sayin' here, "Merry Christmas"

So we went back to smokin', tokin', rollin'
Miami Hotboy man I am the chosen one
The son of myself I created a god
I look like a man but yeah I am the boss
Take it back to the days rappin' for nothin'
The fun of it really killin' all discussion
But now I'm the king and I feel like the ruler
So when you see me you gon' think that I'm cooler

Walk up to your bitch and ask if she knew him ("No babe!")
Yes you do don't act stupid (Look)
You fuckin' that nigga, you know it, I know it
So stop actin' petty you jerked him or blew him?
If that's how it is then I promise you nigga
Gimme two years, (?) I'll prove it
Hush it I'm rappin' though
Talkin' or groovin' to duke it my nigga
Miami we movin'

Go (Ay ay ay yeah)
Go my man, I'm Miami Hotboy (Ay ay yeah yeah)
I'm Miami Hotboy (Ay okay, ay okay)
I'm Miami Hotboy (Ay okay, ay okay)
(Ay ay ay ay ay) (Okay okay okay okay)
(Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing!)

It's Miami Hotboy
Miami Hotboy
Miami Hotboy
Miami Hotboy
It's Miami Hotboy
Miami Hotboy
Miami Hotboy
Miami Hotboy
It's Miami Hotboy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ayyyyyy, yo
Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay

Ay man

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