Golden Age

Golden Age

by From Sorrow To Serenity

on Golden Age (2017)

We live in a time where morality does not exist
We trade our broken souls for temporary comfort
Desiring everything we don't deserve
So we're cutting corners, making numbers, calling it survival

Delusion of evil, nothing can change us now
Servants to pure greed, hoping we don't go to hell

Take a good look at our past and realise we have not changed
Corruption is rampant, this was meant to be our golden age
Human nature is unquestionably spiteful
We'd rather take and kill than care for one another
Convinced that this is all that life consists of
We fall back into the fold and watch our world burn

It's burning for us
Our lives are a lie
Nothing will change

We once had hope that we could be a better species
Temptation spreads in the way of a sick disease
Only the few can hope to overcome the illness
Gradually it shall thrive and consume us all

We are tainted

Only we have the strength to admit that we're lost in a false and adverse state of mind
Intertwined where we try to subside all the crimes we decide that are right and a benefit to mankind
We just want to live out our lives

This destructive path that we walk
Only leads to our end
Should we turn away
We will never look back

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