Frank Zappa

Some Ballet Music

by Frank Zappa


FZ: Thank you. What a marvelous response from a rock and roll audience! Now, before the show somebody handed me this note, and it says, "Please do some of the following tunes from your records." Now, we've had a request for "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," "Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder," "Status Back Baby," "Prune In June," "Dog Breath," and the main tune from Lumpy Gravy. And we actually can play some of these things, surprisingly enough. But we hardly ever do, see. So if we go ahead and play it and it sounds crappy, well maybe the person who asked for this song will like it, just because we play it. There's no way to tell how they're gonna come out. But we're gonna go ahead and do it anyway because nobody likes us and they won't care if we sound crappy

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On Some Ballet Music by Frank Zappa

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