Rocky Loves Emily - Kick Back Remastered Edition

She's Got A Boyfriend

by Former Fat Boys

on Rocky Loves Emily - Kick Back Remastered Edition (2006), Rocky Loves Emily (2005)

I feel like its Berlin cause this girl took my breath away
we just met today, now i'm searching for some words to say
If I had two brothers and they was here with me
lord knows they'd be chanting out Rocky Loves Emily
or something equally ridiculous, while doing ninja tricks
this girl got more to please than licorice and Twix
i'm trying my hardest to make her wanna stay
cuz like destiny's child i got nuts when she say my name
she's got a voice that melts ice and she's innocently dirty
and i'm feeling like a dork, but i just cannot stop my flirting
she's got the funest way of doing things the cutest fucking lips
just begging to be kissed, genie I only need one wish
but that only in the movies but that's where she belongs
cuz she's the reason for the seasons, the cause of love songs
the cause of me pacing back and forth, should i give her a call
or instant message on the interweb or do nothing at all
i don't wanna seem creepy like a new Christopher Walken
and not distant or persistent, I'm channeling Christopher Robin
but maybe that's my mistake cuz now I'm feeling like poo
turns out my honey's got a boyfriend, and all my dreams are screwed

and its all kinda sad, cuz she's seriously rad
I get along with her mom, I get along with her dad
sister, brothers, cousins, grandpas, mothers, uncles and aunts
maybe get along with her cat, if i get along with her pants
but I'd settle for her hand, cuz I just wanna dance
under moons to love tunes she makes me wanna romance
and the chance that we will dance keeps my heart in her hands
but till that day comes, man, i just gotta relax
and take a deep breath, slow down, she's sucking me in
like a tractor beam, she's so fun, its making me sick
we can't even date, but she's got me imaging kids
bathrobes hers and his, man she's fucking up my Christmas
she's got me messed up, its affecting my flow
she's got me wrapped around her fingers, and wrapped around her toes
she's like the Tao of girl, my own female zen
but i'm thinking i ain't like my chances cuz she got a fucking boyfriend

Its getting to that point now, that something's gotta give
and i ain't goin nowhere so it better be him
and when he's gone like Dennis Rodamn I'll be her rebound man
I'll snatch her up and run away like I'm Rumplestiltskin
and i'll take her to Bermuda, Bahama, and the keys,
just me and my pretty mama chillin under palm trees
and she'll look in my eyes, we'll make love under sunset
tape it, and later sell it all on the internet
and retire off the millions from the profits we make
i'm a celebrity, so y'all wanna see my tape
and if she doesn't break up with him if she stays where she is (if she never calls it quits)
like Camilla Parker Bowles I'll be happy just to be a mistress
like Harrison Ford in Witness I'm anonymous amish
I'll be like Shakespeare in love and write her book fulls of sonnets
I'll knit her cute little bonnets, cuz her boyfriend makes me vomit
fags got less going on than seasons of Wallace and Gromit
but I think i'm in like Ellen's out, i think i finally got my chance
and i'm happy like a hippo like Hard Corey when he dance
this ain't the end of my story, no it begins aqui (here you'll see)
cuz this girl gots a new boyfriend, folks i am him he is ME!

she's got a boyfriend and she don't see
she's got a boyfriend it oughta be me
i'm hoping and hoping
that we'll be eloping
if she gets roped in
but she's got a boyfriend

she's got a boyfriend she don't need me
she's got a boyfriend, but maybe we'll see
I keep hopin and hoping
that we'll be elopin
if she gets roped in
but she's got a boyfriend

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