Pineapple soda

by Foreign Forest

on Beautiful..Naked..Free (2015)

[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
b*tch i been the man since the age of five
If i stop my glow then i might just die
When im on my own i just smoke and cry
I turn off my phone i can't hear your lies
I been smoking dope you can see in my eyes
Goth girl come over and im squeezing her thighs
Tell me that she love me but i know thats a lie
I know that youre playing him but im not that guy

[Verse 2: Foreign Forest]
Eyes black, we bloom when im all alone i just think bout you
Back to the sh*t that we get into
Now youre with him and he's like me too
With a dude full of rues smoking dope on the road
With a box full of matches brew in the coat holder
Youre cute i just wish you were older
And sometimes i just wish my life was over
Watching mtv up inside my rover
Feeling lucky like a four leaf clover
Dropping pills in my pineapple soda
Thinking bout sh*t that i can't when im sober
Been running since 21 too
Getting high in my ride when i think bout you
Got sh*t that you say you gotta do
I just hope on my life to see you come through

[Verse 3: Dank $inatra]
Lying.. why are you lying
I know you feel like you the only one trying
You dying to find you
Girl i been trying so hard just to tell you the truth
Im the sc*m of the earth
Im the sh*t on your boots and you know its true
Im on the phone and i can't tell you looks cause im thinking bout you but its all about..
On another with a goddamn complex thinking bout you was last months truth
Swear to god gotta goddamn complex all because im with gotta look like you
Lying.. why are you lying
I know you feel like you the only one trying
But come check my vitals
Im already dying

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On Pineapple soda by Foreign Forest

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