hopeless fountain kingdom (Deluxe)

On Fire

by Foals

on hopeless fountain kingdom (Deluxe) (2017)

(Hook: Mike Posner)
I am on fire
I feel like I can't stop burning
I am on fire, yeah
I fell like I can't stop burning

(Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly)
Tell me why does everything that's bad feel so f*cking good
Devil in a red dress she killing me I she knew she would
So bury me one foot for every inch of heel shes wearing
Im in lust still I can't trust this b*tch but I keep on staring
Matter fact, f*ck that, no emotions lets get high as f*ck
I don't need a light she fires me up
Pullin out white like a Styrofoam cup
No hair cut but she lines me up (what the f*ck)
I don't even do this sh*t
What would happen if my friends knew this sh*t
And why the hell can't I refuse this b*tch this sh*t is crazy

[Hook: Mike Posner]

(Verse 2-Machine Gun Kelly)
She got her legs spread wide for the kid
And she begging me to come get up in it
Touching herself while I take off my 11's
Got a girl back home and she calling every minute
So I pick up like b*tch mind your mother f*cking business
I'm serious, I'm trippin', no literally I'm trppin'
Out of all those drinks anything could of slipped in
Not to mention what she had me sniffin
But she grabbed my di*k
Told me forget about it and bit my lip
I told her turn around while I turn the music loud
Whenever the bass hits then you strip
And then she did
But she pulled a little baggie out of her panties and put a pill on her breast
My mind said no
My di*k said yes
I'm willing to do whatever to feel her sex
This sh*t is crazy

(Hook: Mike Posner)

(Verse 3-Machine Gun Kelly)
And she told me speed it up
f*ck me good
Beat this pus*y up like you should
Lay back down, keep it up
Let me show you how a real b*tch do
All she wanna do is get di*k and run
All I wanna do with this chick is cum
I've been in the pus*y for about 2 hours
But I can't feel my sh*t, I'm numb
Her legs shaking and my legs do the same
But it moves to my chest, to my brain
To the nerves in my face, so I can't feel that motha f*cka
But this ain't Novacane, b*tch quit playin
I dont even know your name
What the f*ck you do to me she said
I'm the same one sellin Oz to Mike P and the one that made you OD
You stupid b*tch

(Hook: Mike Posner)

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On On Fire by Foals

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