Heart Like a Gun

Look at Me Now

by Fiona

on Heart Like a Gun (1989)

Every time I look
I see your face in the mirror
I hear your voice
Aall of your words getting clearer

There was a time
I believed the words you used to say to tear me down
But who was the real fool?
Come on baby, turn around
And look at me now

Now that I've found what I'd been searching for
I found it somehow, I almost threw it all away on you
And ain't it a shame, all that it took to break these chains
But look at me now

All through the night
I thought it would rain down forever
I've been damming the thoughts
Up in my brain like a river

Under the skylight
My heart is beating like a drum tonight
'Cause every time I think of you
It doesn't matter 'cause I'm all right
And look at me now

My heart, my heart
I was just a picture in your mind
I didn't know that love could be so blind