Wild Ones

Thinking of You

by FLO

on Wild Ones (2012)

[Hook: Treasure] x2
When I'm by myself
I can feel your energy
I can feel it like you're next to me
Like the feeling when you're lovin' me
And when I'm all alone
I just need to get you on the phone
Coz its your words that comfort me
So baby just come to me and just come to me

[Verse 1: Treasure]
You're the girl of my dreams and there ain't no doubt about that
When I'm by myself I'm just wondering about where you at
When I'm all alone I'm all alone I'm lonely
I be sitting at home just wondering about where you at
Yeah I'm spittin' that clean
Treasure Mat yeah and I found all the treasure
Yeah that's my girl and ain't nobody better
Give it to her ‘cause she knows that I'm clever
Said she gon' ride in the stormiest weather
When it gets rough she can have my umbrella
She can have my umbrella

[Verse 2: Flo**]
We wasted time talking about emotion
These words weren't solely spoken
We wasted time talking about devotion
No promises, no more hoping
She got she got she got one more chance
Keep telling myself that who's the liar
I always end up going back
No need to hush this ain't a rush
I can feel the tension a close connection
I wreck the silence our bodies fighting
Our my minds ignited now she feeling slighted
No more of feeling alone
Fucking like no one's home
Swear the pain was gone
But now I'm back on my own

[Hook] x2

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On Thinking of You by FLO

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