Project Dreams

Goin in Freestyle

by FBG Duck

on Project Dreams (2021)

I'm about to kill this shit
You know how I'm rocking

I be killing shit, you know it's a slaughter
They say I'm the shit like I was born in the toilet
My bitch super real like she some can to the water
I'm bout to make it rain in this bitch no Travis Porter
I don't play games, Why? cause you know I'm couching those
Niggas try to play me, I'm with g you approaching those
I be going dumb, they say I go so loco
They like Duck up off in this bitch the whole crowd go "Oh no!"
I be balling like a motherfucking pro nigga
And yo bitch looking like she wanna go nigga
Take her up to my home nigga, bet she give me dome nigga
You tryna get it on nigga, BLOW to the dome nigga
I belong in LD because my flow is stupid
My gun will make a nigga shuffle, ain't talking cupid
And if he acting like he wanna get some gun smoke
All you hear is BOOM BOOM when that gun blow

Let's get it
FBG shit man
Money Gang in this bitch man
Motherfuckers know how the fuck we rocking man
Ain't gotta say this shit again

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On Goin in Freestyle by FBG Duck

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