Excuse Seventeen

Two Faced

by Excuse 17

on Excuse Seventeen (1994), Excuse 17 Demo Tape (1993)

"how should i know? which way i'll go, which role i'll play? predator or prey?" i have my so open to who can kill me play i forget, i forget, i jill too. snake is aware of owl in tree, it's so inherent it doesn't notice the daed mouse in it's mouuth. i swallow you whole so i don't know if i killed you, if i hurt you, if i opress you. "how should i know?"...

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On Two Faced by Excuse 17

By Shelly


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🎉

For YEARS I was looking to find this song again and google search never worked! Thank you!!!
Found out about this band by a chance on a 2011 trip to Canada as I was going through second hand cd's on a street stand, and really liked that song.
But since then I left the house, lost the cd and forgot what band or title it was.
I'm so relieved now :)
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