Ewan McGregor

We Can Be Lovers

by Ewan McGregor

Guy -All you need is love
Girl -A girl has got to eat
Guy -All you need is love
Girl -I shall end up on the street
Guy -All you need is lo-ove
Girl -Love is just a game

Guy -I was made for lovin you baby,
you were made for lovin me
Girl -The only way of lovin me baby,
is to pay a lovely fee

Guy -Just one night, just one night
Girl -Theirs no way, cause you can't pay

Guy -In the name of love, one night in
the name of love
Girl -You crazy fool, I won't give in to
Guy -Don't, leave me this way, I can't
survive, without your sweet love
oh baby, Don't leave me this way

Girl -You think that people would have
had enough of silly love songs
Guy -I look around me and i see, it
isn't silly, oh no
Girl -Some people want to fill the world
with silly love songs
Guy -Well whats wrong with that, i'd
like to know, cause here i go

Guy -Love lifts us up where we belong,
where eagles fly, on a mountain

Girl -Love makes us act like we are
fools, throw our lives away, for
one happy day
Guy -WE COULD BE HERO'S!, just for one

Girl -You, you will be mean
Guy -No, I won't
Girl -And I, i..i'll drink all the time

Guy -We should be LOVERS!
Girl -We can't do that!
Guy -We should be LO-OVERS!,(oooooooo)
thats a fact!

Girl -No nothing, will keep us TOGETHER!
Guy -We could still time
Both -just for one day

Both -We could be hero's, forever and
Both -We could be hero's, forever and
Both -We could be hero's
Guy -Just because I.... love....you

Both -I love you!

Girl -How wonderful life is, now
Both -Now your in the world

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