A Thousand Ways to Heal

A Thousand Ways To Heal

by Erisu

on A Thousand Ways to Heal (2019)

[Verse 1: ERISU]
You don't know what it means to me
'Cause I've been hurt more than you can see
What lies beneath my skin is something unreal
Behind your face shows a thousand ways to heal
It's okay, it didn't really hurt for me
My black heart captures all the pain numbing
And all my efforts burned down into the ashtray
All I wanted is to feel at least something
And would you even care if I sent my soul to die for you?
It's all I wanted was to see you goddamn smile
Smile for me beneath the pale moonlight
Because the darkness gets lonely sometimes
And I believe you can save me somehow
The way you look at me gets me through this Hell
And maybe one day I will see the light
But for now can you bring me through the night?

Save me lover, savor me
Tell my pretty lies, It's all I need
I don't need the truth, I wanted fantasies
So cut my eyes out and feed them to me

[Verse 2: Sui
'Cause it's been way too long
I'm beat up, the least you could do Is
Just see through those promises
You made a waste of space in us
What used to be beautifully crafted, now rusted
Just blown to the edge of the cliff
It must've been too late
Wish that you could relate
Wish all of the signs that you show
Wouldn't lead to unfinished roads
Lucky I haven't hit that dead end yet
'Cause I've been through too much shit
To be let down again, again
Painting pictures in my head
Of where everything worked out
Of where all this shit worked out

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On A Thousand Ways To Heal by Erisu

By jeff


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 👍🏼

i'm really shocked that it actually worked lmao i put the exact same thing into google and some other sites and it just gave me nothing
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