Homeland Insecurity

Homeland Insecurity

by Endwell

on Homeland Insecurity (2006)

Homeland Insecurity

Light speed ahead and I can't see us turning this ship around.
Born and bred to live this dream we've started, started breaking down.
This is something that we never thought we'd see.
We are finally where we want to be.
With all the rapid progress, we can't forget our promise.
I was ready to give up on all of this.
All my insecurities are turning this to tragedy.
Now all my doubts and fears are somehow getting the best of me.
All these complex feelings, once again my worst enemy.
With all this daily nonsense, I can't forget this promise.
We hold this close to our hearts.
A promise I made to keep.
I won't let this dream fade.
Always searching for what's next.
Never looking where we stand.

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On Homeland Insecurity by Endwell

By Stefanie


Was it the song you were looking for? No

im searching for the song that plays at the end credits from the movie 10x10 and the first phrase is "Let this dream fade and watch the only one you love disapear"
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