Director's Notes

Before You Were Mine

by Emily Wolfe

on Director's Notes (2012)

So this is how it goes
Are we leaving it open
Open wider than my arms will be
In who knows how long
Until you decide
That I'm the one you want to say goodnight to every night
Good, good, good love is hard to find
And I know that I was looking in the wrong place, wrong time
Before you were mine
I know we'll get back to that place in time
So this is how we'll sing through all this misery
With my face pressed in the pillow case
I'll try, try to fall asleep and pretend you're next to me
I've always known you were the one I want to wake up to
Each morning
Will you watch over me tonight
If I keep looking in your eyes
I'll tell you one thing that I knew
If you were made for me then I was made for you too

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On Before You Were Mine by Emily Wolfe

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