Who Is Eazy? (Deluxe)


by Eazy Bob Wizzy

on Who Is Eazy? (Deluxe) (2016)

[Verse 1: Eazy Bob Wizzy]

She's so young, she's so beautiful
He's so young, yeah he's handsome too
He said "Hey my name is Jude,It's nice to meet you."
Fast forward two years later him dey buy shoe
In two weeks' time Yeah It's gonna be their wedding
Jude's mom loves ‘em both And so she gave her blessings
And Sophie's Dad toob
They also hope their late parents too
Both their families vibed – “Ay what about the wedding?”
My Gahd! Twas a dream come true

From the matching colours of the dress and flowers
To the gifts and all the fine wines
To the well wishes and delicious dishes
From the soup, the meat, the fried rice
Now it's six months in and she's pregnant
“A boy or a girl?” Man nobody cares
It was all joy all around ‘em flowing like a fountain
To the souls of those that did hear

Halfway through her journey
Sophie had a miscarriage
That season wasn't funny
But still they all had to manage
But all hell broke loose – when they lost
Baby number two
Mama Jude wasn't having it
She wanted a grandchild soon

Now she's on to Jude
Telling Jude about this other girl
Sophie's getting scared
Jude might be thinking bout this other girl
They're both in tight corners
Of their War Room
"God I need your help" - Jude
"Please God come take control of my womb" – Sophie

[Verse Two: Eazy Bob Wizzy]

See there are so many thing's going wrong
But you gon' tell me God is awesome right?
Bombs here, bombs there but still
God is awesome right?
After praying, Jude and Sophie still had a miscarriage
But God is awesome right?
Sicknesses, like cancer be taking our joy
I need an answer

This world is *beep* up
There's so much evil all around it got me messed up
How is she supposed to understand, that she'll never see her mom
For the rest of - her life
And this got my anger turnt up and I'm like
“Where you at God? You left us?
Why is it that when we need you most
It feels like you aren't here to protect us?”

See I've got friends who will never understand
The joy of bringing their fiancé home - to their parents
Cause they lost ‘em both
Or they lost their mom or they lost their dad
Now tell me how am I supposed to cope
When I lose a member of my family
What if my mom doesn't live long enough to see me grow into a man
And bring up my own family?

See I don't get death
I don't wanna understand death
My heart got broken in late September
And it took me time to forget that
What makes you think it's gon be easy
Why do you take ‘em home when we ain't ready?
Now we get to live with the fact that they're gone
Oh Man! This burden's heavy

People dying on a daily basis
So much pain, so much hatred
People starving in many places
While others going on sweet vacations
I don't even understand the math homie
I don't even know how it adds homie
I ain't even gon' front like I know it all
I ain't even got the answers homie

But man, See I just realized that even in
The midst of so much darkness
The light thrives
And God is still in charge yeah He's
Sitting on the throne
And He will never leave us all alone

My God is awesome
Yeah, you know He is the man
He will never change until the end
My God is awesome
He will never let you down
He's always there to wipe away your frowns
My God is awesome
Yeah you know He is the King
Two-four-seven always going in
My God is awesome
Awesome You are

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