You Went Away

by Earth, Wind & Fire

on Faces (1980), The Columbia Masters (2011), Original Album Classics (2011)

How can you explain that we're apart
When all we've known is being together
Time had made our love a work of art
So sure we were, that nothing could change us
The dreams we thought tomorrow would bring us,
Were fading away

Oh you reassured hope and I believed
That never would our promise be broken
And now I question what is yet to be
When all is left of me is a token
Of dreams we use to build upon each day
But you wouldn't stay

You don't know the very best part of me
You don't know cause you went away
I can't believe you want no part of me
(Ever) since you went away, there's
Nothing quite the same in my life

I may be shaken by the night
But I know the truth will never mislead me
I have the love, I have my life
And even with your memories beside me
I know the strength inside me
Will guide me all of the way

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On You Went Away by Earth, Wind & Fire

By jasper


thanks. found on first search
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