Fire & Smoke

Like Cinderella

by Earl Thomas Conley

on Fire & Smoke (1981)

You stood there in the doorway bathe din golden candlelight
While helpless hearts were melted by your style
So many gazing faces swaying softly in the night
Whose thoughts were making love to your sweet smile
Your sweet smile

Like Cinderella, you were the queen of the ball
Yeah you were the fairest of all
but why did I let you fall

I tried to keep your love above me girl when you reached out and touched me
But the music played for hours when the party was all over
I tried to treat you like a lady when I heard about the baby

Now you lie there in your silence bathed in golden candlelight
While the man is speaking softly your last rights
And so many gazing faces crying softly in the night
While helpless hearts all knelt there by your side
By your side

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On Like Cinderella by Earl Thomas Conley

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