E Dubzz

Block List

by E Dubzz


If you ain't talking you gonna be on block list, if you're bringing dramas you gonna be on block list, if you're being a bitch you gonna be on block list, I don't play that shit man I need some real people, block list, block list, block list, yeah, yeah, block list, block list, block list, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, oh, yeah, yeah

1st verse

If I sent you a friend request don't expect it if you're not gonna talk, but I get it though-Y'all want more likes, and comments- hate to be thrown in toxic, I have to come up Block List-y'all don't want to listen, gotta turn into a-bison, blow some heat like-a dragon, no more easy games gotta take the act,don't even care if you react, I ain't trying to be the a good boy -no more, don't have time for that-no more, if you gonna be cool, stay cool,don't act too much-and be a fool, we both got some-shit to do, but I never let my shit go pass-due, I know the way to stay in touch, you don't speak I'll leave you hanging it's all about socializing not staying hidden

2nd verse

4 years with 2k 5 people like my status, more people don't see the purpose, they be hitting the slackness, why do I have a service, if you're still my friend I fuck with you, , 2019 - 3000 trying to stay stable, I don't even-mess with the gamble, stay careful, head on the Bible, stay home play with the cable, when I get online I see 2 people- that's a shame, sometimes the book is lame, needs to be rename, if I knew this back then I wouldn't be stuck in the gravel, unspoken-people needs to be cancel, hate being mean-I'm not chucky , yeah

3rd Verse
Lions and tigers-stock in the middle doing one move, trying to come up who I'm gonna remove, too much going in my head can't take the action, I have to be certain, getting mad all of the time- when this shit hit me-no soft heart, I don't give a fuck who gets hurt, I can see myself at the top,don't want to stop, keep going-its the right decision, to get some billion
I'm the chosen one I can say so,I'm the chosen one I can say so, yeah

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On Block List by E Dubzz

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