Duwap Kaine

under the sun

by Duwap Kaine

Wake up lil' ho, I'm Lilflexapro
He's a pro
Yeah, here we go

[Verse 1: Duwap Kaine]
Sippin wockhardt, not no MGP
All these bitches want me want to fuck with me
C-can't let these niggas get the best of me
I jus' mixed the xan with the muthafuckin' lean
And I swear so much hoes on the muthafuckin scene
We might pull up in a foreign, pull up in a limousine
And she thought I was nice, but these bitches know I'm mean
Wock pints on me, servin' any type of feign
I can't change up on the gang, I can't change up on the team
Smokin any type of cookie, smokin' on the wolverine
And I only sip purple, no, I don't sip green
And if it was only green, then I dont sip lean
I was all up in the trap and I count a lot of funds
And I have a lot of fun when I play with them guns
Niggas really think I'm cappin but these niggas is my sons
Backwood gas passed up all in my lungs
Why the fuck you on my phone, bitch, I know I'm not dumb
But the K on my waist, it'll make a nigga dumb
I'm so geeked off the gas and it got me so numb
And I jus' got a Glock with a 100 round drum
Only do barrels, can't do the pum pum
Only sip promethazine, I don't do no fucking rum
Scary ass nigga won't even shake sum'
And most these niggas mad I turned nothin' into sum'
Xanny bar acid all stuck in my tum'
Niggas talkin' shit, now I'm stuck with this gun
Countin' big bankrolls, no, I can't count ones
Sippin' lean with my bitch, sittin' under the sun
Under the sun, yeah, under the sun
Countin' big bankrolls under the sun
Sippin on lean, yeah, under the sun
Under the sun, bitch, I'm under the sun
Under the sun

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On under the sun by Duwap Kaine

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