Split With the Loner(s)

Drive Me Home Please

by Drive Me Home Please

on The Loner(s) / Drive Me Home Please (2016), Split With the Loner(s) (2016)

Can i come home tonight? can i sleep in my bed?
Just tell me it will be there, empty and waiting for me
Tell me that you'll love me no matter what im feeling now
Will you let me sleep in tomorrow? will you be there when i wake up?
Can i tell you how i'm doing and tell you what i've done?
Will you always be proud of me for the things that make me feel
Like i've accomplished something and become worth something real?
Mom please drive me home because i know that this one place
Is one that i can count on where it will really be okay
When i'm out of college, will i still be a kid?
Will i still need direction and will i still need my friends?
If im all alone again will i need you to come get me
And bring me to the place where everyone i know i love
If i lose the one who's closest to me, will i make it through?
If i've never gone through pain like this will i even know what to do?
If i find myself alone like that and can't be by myself
Can you please drive me home and hold my fucking hand

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