Everything Is Everything

A Dream

by Donny Hathaway

on Everything Is Everything (1970)

I remember the first time I saw you
It was in some type of golden place
And as I became afraid
You said it need not be the case
Then you took me in your arms
To try to show your loving charms
And you never laughed at me
As we began to love each other tenderly

I tried to hold you close
Like a man of experience
But it seemed you already knew
That this would be my very first chance
to hold someone
In my arms to try to show my loving charms
All my nerves became firm and straight
Just because I wanted to make love to you

As our love progressed
there was something I couldn't understand
Each time I kissed your lips
we seemed to move to another land
Then I saw you in the shower of rain
that came from the sky
And as you began to vanish away
it was then to my sadness
That I realized

It was a dream
It was a dream
All your love and your charms was
just a dream
Dream it was a dream

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On A Dream by Donny Hathaway

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