Psycho Path Fever


by Dominium

on Psycho Path Fever (2002)

Today my soul is open for every wandering ghost
Come in!
Let's start the celebration
They're hiding inside me

When your eyes are blind
I'm the gale who can knock
At your door

Sometimes, I hear torment souls
Whistling around me
I've heard voices in various ancient languages
They're talking... and they're whispering
They want to shelter from someone or something

Dreadful power
I want to escape from from this hell on earth

Help me!
I'm afraid of my dreams
I feel that I'm loosing in this labyrinth of shadows

They knew that we would blossom like
Spring flowers... someday, somewhere


Before I die
Between life and death
I'll cast the shadow
And now I'm clenching my teeth in a vortex

I've dug my hideout
I closed all the doors
And swallowed all the keys
Find in your pocket