Only One 4 Me

Only 1 ,4 me

by Dex Kwasi

on Only One 4 Me (2018), Afrotrap OKC

Girl come over and touch Ya knees
...send a naked picture wey she start de tease
Come back what u runnin from?
Turn back what you running from?
What you scared of what u running from?
[Verse 1]
Chale What's up? (Yay)
Them de call me Dex (yay)
My everything's set (Kama)
Wipe me down windex (Boosie)
A double C , R- A (yay)
That's where I flew in from today
Swung down lane to lane
Double cup my oil change
Girl my marriage is arranged
But we can get that rearranged
I fuck you too hard on first date
Mama that wasn't a ,mistake (at all)
You feel regret you hesitate
Should you leave or should you stay?
Next time we do this at your place
Next time we do this at your place
Girl I'm only here for one night (you know)
You make me wanna make this whole life (I know)
I make some promises I can't keep (I try)
You know some things just out my damn reach (No lie)
But right now right now, you're the only one for me
You the only for me
Right now at this moment you're the only one for me...
Cuz you're in front of me...bend it over lemme see
[verse 2]
Hypnotizes by your design and I can see you ripe
You say you be sending your man signs but don't read all right
Young Kwasi on the other hand my other Hand be gripping
I'm taking your ass to wonderland I got the Oz
I've got the spirits I've got the xans let keep this lowkey
Mama, we can go far U keep hoes out our business
Hono-lulu for the weekend that's just how I'm feeling
And these hoes be tryna creep but they can't find my building
Mama, mixed with Puerto Rican and she bilingual
And she ride on me like a bicycle
Going up hill that's real hard
Everytime I see her I get real hard
This that ,African $ex symbol swisha suite septembre
Hit that, Yea I be that nigga beat that pussy tender
Next time, that I'm in your city that ass gon remember
Whoa whoa, you've got all the curves and I can't wait to bend Ya
Girl bend over and touch Ya knees
Pussy and breast mi squeeze
She said come come over come fuck me please
She sent a naked picture wey she start de tease
[Colin Abische Advise]
There you have it
Plain and simple
Right there like an automatic
This is a life of risk take and decision making
But you will get used to these hard decisions
They won't always hold over you
It's a myth
The journey of a thousand steps starts here

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