Desmotti Passion Hifi

Sons of Redemption vs Sons of Destruction

by Desmotti Passion Hifi

How do you announce to a world that's renounced the very God who gave em
Ability to speak their mind on any given topic at any given time
Without the fear of offending without the fear of ending up
And spending what you don't got to pay the man defending...
The Judge pretending He ain't been bought by those
He sold his soul tofor a seat upon a throne of skulls and Black Robes

Behind the mighty gates that separate citizen from elected executive
The wizards of the 33 degrees
Whispers of incantatory edicts they summon demons
Engaged in Thaumaturgy mystical, ritual secrets of BABYLON
Secret Combination in the spirit of CAIN the Destroyer
Rip apart the Constitution with every new executive order
Given by the Lightning Sword
And Labeled as the Unified States of America in discord

Wanted for serial Fraud, Chicago Thuggin, Tyrannical Boss They call him
Barrack O Bow-maw
Obsessed with Cutten Congressmen out to take all of our guns out
Out of our house the IRS would happily foreclose on
And should we ever find out our names have made the NSA watch list
Listed as persons of interest with full descipt on how we're Jihad committed
Armed to the teeth illegally pack-en heat with AR-15's

And I declare my Independence
I speak for every United States Citizen
Cause We the People in order To bring back order
To the office of Executive Supreme Commander
The Sons of Liberty need to bring the heat
Possibly Ku de Ta the whole Presidential Dream Team
Emancipate ourselves from Local Tyranny
None but ourselves can reclaim the Christian Nation
From Sea to Shining Sea

Now hear me out the Sons of the South and the Sons of the West
With your bullet proof vests
Grab your guns and your ammo cans fill em up to the brim
And take a long trip to find yourself within the Texas State of Christian borders
Buy up some land pay omage to a flag with the ONE bright Star
That represents the One True God above showen love to the Sons of Redemption

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