We Are Young (Carry on the Nation)

We Are Young (Mr. President)

by Denace

on We Are Young (Carry on the Nation) (2020)

[Chorus: Fun.]
We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun
We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun
[Verse 1]
This country is young and so outta reach
And I dont wanna see it burn so I gotta preach
Let the people know that the world wants peace
We fighting for a cause? whats the cause in your speech?
Cuz nothing makes sense mr. president
And why you think all these people are so hesistant
In making a choice to vote people are broke
Noand when you lie to us just to bring us some hope
It discusts us then you discuss US how the U.S is united you should trust us
How can we trust you when you butt fucked us
You said youd take the troops out iraq you promised
But nothing changed but your hair its white now
How does it feel being black in a white house
Thats the only good thing that came from it
Is that you made history and caught fuckin fame from it
I wanted you to win so did most of us
You made us feel good brought u close to us
That charm and charisma got a hold of us
And whatd you prove? ur a liar I made a note of this
I won't forget the day u signed that bill
The martial law? are you retarded brah?
You said you wouldn't do it but you did it
Mr president you lied again admit it
Why the hell you gotta be so neg-le-gente
[Verse 2]
Barack obama theres problems on our streets
We dont have many jobs no food to eat
And look at all the gas prices oo I can't believe
Theres no oil supply in our own country
And bin laden is dead I dont think so?
Did you ever show any evidence though
Its like signing a bill in pencil
It makes no sense no, so wheres the crudentials?
Im not mad I just hate being lied to
How did you backstab people behind you?
You can hide with your lies but well find you
You stood up strong but may I remind you
That you called us weak at one point
But what about the kids dying at gun point?
What about the moms and dads that can't find a job?
The lonely kids wit no parents trying hard to survive
Saloot the warriors across seas
Tell them we miss them come home in one pieace
We dont wanna see another one deceased
Theres enough going on on our own fuckin streets
Were a country a young one playing with fire
All these fire works keep burning brighter
Were bound hurt ourselves man I think we did
So much hate and war is what were teaching kids

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On We Are Young (Mr. President) by Denace

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