Demons In The Night


by Demons In The Night

[Verse One: Big Mike]
I used to pray for times like this, a mind state like this
Dreams of being rich, dreams of having a bad bitch
For me, when it comes to victory
I want every taste of it, like Kawhi Leonard be
They telling me that I got tunnel vision
Cuz I don't stop until I complete the mission
Everything to prove, yet nothing at all
Just gotta keep my head up, or I just might fall
Demons tryna take over, devil on my shoulder
They grow stronger as you grow older
Struggling with internal conflict
Do I do what's right? Or do I stick with the bullshit?
That's what being an adult is about
You gotta make the right decision, even when you're in doubt
Let's keep moving, I think I see the light
And don't look back at the demons in the night

[Verse Two: A Hype]

[Verse Three: King Blow]

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