On Top Of Our Game

You Know What It Is

by Dem Franchize Boyz

on On Top Of Our Game (2006)

You know what is, you know what it is hoe (4x)

Jizzal man:
Diamonds on my rist on my chest and on my ear lob dfb bitch you know what it is hoe, got money to burn smoke purple for days keep a nice trim steve harvey sportin the yaze got the worst tooth and I don't even got to touch it nigga from Detroit back to the a all in kentucky nigga I'm the man with the plan hell I'm the real deal this shit ain't no game and you know what the deal is impact from them gats and doms get pealed instant attacks with the macks and niggas get killed you know how shit is you know shit is real its just dfb atp and adamville yeah

You know what it is, you know what it is hoe (4x)

These niggas know that we ain't playin' 4 5 with the beam man a shot will would put a top back like a sardine can I can't stop wont stop servin' these fiens man you know what it is hoe they go for 18 man I'm servin' these costomers 'cause me I'm a hustler I'm conneted like 4 got more pull then tug a war I got it for cheap you purses can't match mine I'm plug like stick 'em cord connected like fetch line and still in the trap with my bum in the mail slot posted on the curb get mail like a mail box so fuck wicha boy 'cause you'll play less and I'm shipin out packages like ups

You know what it is, you know what it is hoe (4x)

It's that same young nigga stand out till it's all gone that same young nigga on the grind while y'all gone you know what it is with the same hood mind fram use it if I pull it man I'm chewing it when I'm am snipping it they say I can't change nigga you don't want to fuck with me all up on your blitz because I'm busting it if your rushing it think twice for what go with your first instinct blink lights gone nigga ain't no time to think I'm gonna do you something wrong like george plad week man have your ass gone by the end of the week man the block is like a fork lift I tried to told ya don't get your head twisted lift it off your shoulders

You know what it is, you know what it is hoe (4x)

And you know what it is got me bustin' at your other dude they say I'm the shit so get your boy a toliet stool (a toliet stool) I make the pounds and the ounces move keep a louder beat drop threw your spot like its fast food (bad food) straight grippin on the wood nigga a nigga signed again they kept the studio in the hood nigga I'm young fly and flashy linted small ballin earnin g's pushin all the weight soon in my hood they call me hercules and I represent my click so a nigga betta act cool they know who a nigga wit because my charms and my tatoos now you know what it is and you know my name hoe it's like e a sports because it's all in the game hoe

You know what it is, you know what it is hoe (4x)

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On You Know What It Is by Dem Franchize Boyz

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