Save Me

by Daylyt

Who do I have ? In my friend
I once had a friend

Hello from the darkside in
Does anybody here wanna be my friend ?/
Want it all to end, tell me when the fuck its all gonna end/
Voices in my head/
Telling me I'm gonna end up dead./


Listen the sky control us, that harp give us carpal tunnel, funnel us in the car pool, diamond lane it's a pool of cars traffic stuck/
Ain't no backing up/
Facts, they pump you with radio waves/
Made you they slave in this matrix/
Face the machine we can taste it/
I feel like cipher in this Cypher/
A eye for a eye, why should for a fight for , I cry
I know that they can come Wi-Find me
Goodnight with my i
Our phones got our eyes gone/
In the wizard of our zone
There's some wizards in our zone
How long I've known this world is fake ?/
Hollow earth early days, reptilian pearly gates/
Early state of man kind, maybe these niggas kinda man./
What kinda man, an anaconda man,/
They condemning this economy,/
Can't catch up to em with condiments/
Bad breath what they feeding people all kinda mints/
Stuff em in condominiums/
God millennium, think yall was pentiums/ processed food, yall get penny crumbs/
Notice the penny brown
It's back turned against the rest of the coin
Abraham wait./
Abraham wait/
Swine time, both pigs killers in their prime time/
We the illest feel this wanna shine my light ?
To the skyline/ if the world is round how can this shit have a skyline? /
The whole earth in a box
They write in this shit with a sir pen/
But the serpents in the plot./
Lucifer tried to save us
The tree of knowledge what he gave us/
God plans is to enslave us, god wanted us was cavemen
The devil wanted us raving, moshpit/
But the same one that praise the same ones who dont got shit/
If God is good how can he create evil ?
We know, you are the devil

So save me

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On Save Me by Daylyt

By jessica


i’m looking for a song that goes “when the f is this gonna end” it’s a girl singing but it’s a rap song and she’s not the singer she just sings that part pls help me i’ve heard it on some ig edits
By Mirae


I'm literally trying to find the same song! Please tell me you found it? I just cant find it anywhereeee
By Sarah

Posted lmaoooo ur welcome luv 💅✨
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