Save Me

by Daylyt

Who do I have ? In my friend
I once had a friend

Hello from the darkside in
Does anybody here wanna be my friend ?/
Want it all to end, tell me when the fuck its all gonna end/
Voices in my head/
Telling me I'm gonna end up dead./


Listen the sky control us, that harp give us carpal tunnel, funnel us in the car pool, diamond lane it's a pool of cars traffic stuck/
Ain't no backing up/
Facts, they pump you with radio waves/
Made you they slave in this matrix/
Face the machine we can taste it/
I feel like cipher in this Cypher/
A eye for a eye, why should for a fight for , I cry
I know that they can come Wi-Find me
Goodnight with my i
Our phones got our eyes gone/
In the wizard of our zone
There's some wizards in our zone
How long I've known this world is fake ?/
Hollow earth early days, reptilian pearly gates/
Early state of man kind, maybe these niggas kinda man./
What kinda man, an anaconda man,/
They condemning this economy,/
Can't catch up to em with condiments/
Bad breath what they feeding people all kinda mints/
Stuff em in condominiums/
God millennium, think yall was pentiums/ processed food, yall get penny crumbs/
Notice the penny brown
It's back turned against the rest of the coin
Abraham wait./
Abraham wait/
Swine time, both pigs killers in their prime time/
We the illest feel this wanna shine my light ?
To the skyline/ if the world is round how can this shit have a skyline? /
The whole earth in a box
They write in this shit with a sir pen/
But the serpents in the plot./
Lucifer tried to save us
The tree of knowledge what he gave us/
God plans is to enslave us, god wanted us was cavemen
The devil wanted us raving, moshpit/
But the same one that praise the same ones who dont got shit/
If God is good how can he create evil ?
We know, you are the devil

So save me

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On Save Me by Daylyt

By jessica


i’m looking for a song that goes “when the f is this gonna end” it’s a girl singing but it’s a rap song and she’s not the singer she just sings that part pls help me i’ve heard it on some ig edits
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