Never Let Her Go


by David Gates

on Never Let Her Go (1975)

Love me
Forget about tomorrow now and love me
There's time enough to borrow from another day
So just for now
Let's touch and do the things that drive my cares away
Hold me
Forget the world outside tonight and hold me
And by the flickering candle light
Our love will glow
And then we'll share the words and feelings no one else will ever know
We should never end
Hand in hand we'll walk the night forever
But if it can't be so
There's one more thing I need before I go
Just kiss me
And tell me when I'm gone how much you miss me
Forget the lonely in between
And then someday
We'll open up our eyes and see the world we thought so far away
Someday, someday

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On Someday by David Gates

By April Lisa


Was it the song you were looking for? No

I am looking for th one that was in the Tv movie The Filmmaker with Jane Fonda. It was during the scene when her character's husband, played by Levon Helm, was leaving the family to find work. I know that it is an old Appalachian song, I want to know who sings it and also the lyrics as well.
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