on D.V.S.R (2015)

Get the fuck outta my face
I wish they would try the shit they've been talking
Stopped in a heartbeat with a warning
No stalling when I come
Young, free, dumb bet I butterfly tongues
Get back to this mad advocates, full of free mind motherfucking activists
Bring the new sound now and you're mad at us
Show your face when you talk and man the fuck up!
Stuck in a cycle, versatile we keep moving unlike you
Take in the breath of hate to breathe ice we just like death hard to fight when he finds you
Come and get it brother or get on your knees bitch
Hold up for these metal elitists
Slash guts with a fast cut and I pass em up to straight up delete this

But you feel excepted, and I see internals disconnected
Bring all that hate expect no harm
Unplug their network fucking end it
Cause I've been around long enough to know what you think
And I know that you feel alone you wish to break free
And I know that you wish to have what I have achieved
Live direct feed my arm through your screen
Download your death and pay up the fee

But it won't stop till I break the ice in this bitch
Looking down from the top you envy my clique
Get stomped with a Doc to the back of the head and after that rewind the beef never ends
Sick trend, fuck what the scene is
Full of hate no love for achievers
In a basement behind their keyboards
Disgrace to the scene more than we are
Duck taped up
Put your body on the floor what the fuck they want?
Lock jaw like a pitty but I'm not chained up
Put your face to the floor and your back faced up
Face fate, spine to the future
Laugh to the sky bring a storm with the humour
Disturbed my thoughts are just luna tic toc times up run through them

All I see, In the mass of this unsound mind
Eyes emit the sign views convert to vibe
I'm just left blind, its my disease my temper directs my needs I need shelter from these fantasies CAUSE I CANT BREATHE

How do I, shut down the brain of this set
I've asked with aimless intent
I'll mend the fray that its left
But i'm afraid of the cause and effect
How do I address instinctive action I clash with rappers who blabber vapid vast nasty accents, caught in the middle I need a reaction

Your broken heart, low spirit and charm
Bitter and green with envy ensuring you can't be harmed
I smile in the face of anger the calm proceeds the storm
The paths of gods are followed while heroes banish from thought x2

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On Shutdown... by DVSR

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