DP Beats

Chief Keef - Fool Ya (French Version)

by DP Beats

[Intro: Chief Keef]
Aye, aye, aye, aye
Bang Bang Bang!
Doh, doh doh doh
Skert, skert, skert
(DP on the beat)
Hundred for the one's and two hundred for my...

[Refrain: Chief Keef]
I paid hundred for the ones
And two hundred for my gun
Paid a hundred for the drum
Just to go up in my gun
Paid fifty for some bullets
That's a box of bullets
Shoot 'em at your stomach
And shoot at your medulla
With my ruger
Smoking Tooka
In my beamer
I'm a fool
Pull up on ya
Pull up to ya
Switch cars
Did I fool ya?

[Couplet 1: Chief Keef]
Pull up in that 'Rari, hallelujah
Then I hop up in my Beemer just to fool ya
Fool your b*tch, I pull up in that f*cking Hummer
Hummer H2 b*tch, nah this ain't no scooter
It go faster than a Harley
Someone please pass me the damn Marley
Even though I don't smoke with nobody
I don't need no bodyguard I got my body
Got my Tommy
Shoot this sh*t right up at your tummy
Now you're looking like a zombie
Trying to get help but you couldn't find it
My Beemer colored soo woo ravioli
'Member when I used to eat ravioli?
Now I can buy Kay Kay a little pony
Anything she want, you know I'm on it
That money I be on it
I ain't got no business sitting on it
I just got some business with getting money
You ain't talking money, that sh*t phony


[Couplet 2: Chief Keef]
So we're coolin' in my mansion
Holding your b*tch for randsom
How much you got to get her back fam
She ain't worth sh*t so I hope you got a bounty
Boy I heard your belt Versace
I got 50 times Versace in my pocket
Money be my logic
So you know I'm all about it

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