Ground Original

What Am I?, Pt. 1

by DJ JS-1

on Ground Original (2002)

(feat. Masta Ace)

[Masta Ace]
I grew up in a place where peace is your best friend
And everyday a nigga got up was a blessing
I move through these streets not knowing who I can trust
Cause last year, somebody finished my brother Russ
We found him in the two train tunnel, decapitated
And that's when my anger inside was activated
That was the last time I cried like a baby
Cause niggaz wanna find me next, and try to spray me
And spill my insides out all over the city
The life that I live right now is not pretty
I seen friends get held up on dark nights
I seen friends open they mouth and start fights
I'm deep inna bangin since the death of my brother
And anywhere you see me I'm representing my color
Any nigga come through rocking the wrong cap
Tryna shine like high gloss, is gettin left flat
Before I die, swear I gotta leave my mark (uh)
Catch me on the late night outside on the park
I'm not shootin' hoops with niggaz, I'm not friendly
It's too bad...cause I do gotta little ball in me
I'm too wrapped up in these walls for territory
The world's movin way too fast to hear my story
My nigga Blue held me down when it came time
We close like, we was delivered the same time
I told him we would stay on top like flotation
And never leave the hood or change our location
Blue always told me to never say 'never'
And sure enough, ten of us got bagged together
Now we speculatin 'bout what's gone' happen to us
Trapped in this dark ass place that they through us
You can see the fear in my heart if you just look
I never ever thought my ass would get shook
But I heard the story that's been goin' around
About, cats gettin' bagged at night and never found
I bet that's just how Russ meet his doom
And just then somebody reached into the room
And got a tight grip right around my throat
I'm scared now, I figured that 'that's all she wrote'
What's fucked up is, they don't know nothin bout me
And yet wanna try and squeeze the life out me
I start regurgitating, spittin up from fear
Wishin' for a way that I could escape from hear
It's almost like the hand of God reached down
And broke the grip and let me fall to the ground
[Sirens in background till finish]

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On What Am I?, Pt. 1 by DJ JS-1

By Lipha


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🎉

Thank you sooo much 😭. This was very helpful. Been looking for this song for so many years.
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