AVR Forever

Pain and Peace

by DJ Dax

on AVR Forever (2017)

Verse 1 (Peace):
Tell her I'm hyper ventilating
Rushing me, swear she never patient
But patience is a virtue that she chose to leave
I guess that's something that we hold in common, when she chose to leave

Smile ingrained in my membrane
Every morning I fight to stay the same
How I'm functioning still just seems insane
The pain is everlasting, every passing moment, clutching at my

Chest, I'm caressing my heart to rest, I thank the Lord for all of these
Blessings, I swear the stress, this angel brought me
Nothing short of a headache, I'm pressed, I gotta juggle
Work and finances and then she's next, I gotta deal with

Sadness and feeling I'm falling short, I go from this
Regrettable feeling and then remorse, sometimes, I like to
Picture the painting that I'm not in, scribbled out, I'm
Losing my mind all over again, that sinking feeling and then

// What you say got me wishing on "ryuuseis"
Not so far for a shooting star //

When pain and peace are holding me
I know it's part of your will
I stay ease at 'cause you're holding me
Through it all, I got to chill

Verse 2 (DAX):
Perfection, I can't seem to make a connection
Affection really only affects some
In honesty, I'm on this team but I know the problem's me
Now I never ought to see another odyssey

Yet somehow, you decide you want to stay at my side
Making this prayer tonight, hearing the angels, they fight
In my favor, I thank you savior, and now I can savor my sweetest
Moments with the one I love, I'm glad you could save her

Ryuuseis, I'm wishing on a star, these nights are so
Cold, they make the warmest of hearts freeze, and
Now I'm feeling the sharp teeth, the harsh breeze stops
Me *gasp* and starts "breathe," now

Please, understand I lack keys, but through
God I unlock whatever my heart sees
I'mma need a thousand sharpies, 'cause I'm excited to
Write it, the tale of how my all stays at ease


/// I've got to chill ///

Oh, will I stay?
I know I will
I've got to chill
Tell her I'm hyper ventilating

Chorus 2:
// Through pain and peace, I'll stay at
Ease 'cause you're holding me //
(And I) know, (you bring me) hope
(And I) know, (you bring me) home

Verse 3 (DAX/Peace):
(She's searching) for her samurai with sadness still in her eye
Cautious the manner I conduct when the stakes are high
With pain, man, I'd rather die but with peace, I don't agonize
Solutions still can arrive, ain't over, now am I right?

I got a lot that's on my mind, you know you're one of a kind
Tell me about your problems, I'll fend 'em off 'till I die
Smile and shine all that light, through my darkness, it's only right
That I return the favor and turn never to later but

Changed but it's staying the same, framed but I'm taking the blame
Played but my name's in the game, insane but there's pain in my brain
Uh, every city I'm know in, I'm like it's own Jin, AVR Ronin
Uh, Mugen with the pitch, I'll take on any opponent

Suffering from depression but baby, I know you got me, I'm
Cutting through all this pain for that peace to finally heal me and
Maybe we'll learn to love through the obstacles hurdle that be the
Favorite shirt that you wear all the time 'cause I got your back, look

Follow the peace like it's on Twitter; Never bitter, when I
Consider that el diablo's a quitter - go figure, the
Motto is: "external beauty may whither, not hollow
Her soul's the model; so you better stay with her" shoutout to Fuu

Through all of my ups and downs, you manage to keep me 'round
Never floating away cause you anchor me to the ground
Hit me up when you're ready, I promise to keep it steady, through
All of the pain and peace, I promise that I'll be me

Chorus 2

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On Pain and Peace by DJ Dax

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