DJ Capcom

Hustle Yourself

by DJ Capcom

on Official EP

[Verse] [XV]:
Well I was young and broke
My dreams was nothing close
For certain, not a virgin, I tell 'em cause I'm fuckin' dope
Fuck it though
Try to stop my climb but nope
I got another rope
The glitch in the Matrix made the winter's hot and the summer's cold
When you were jumping rope I was writing songs
With friends of mine to find the end of time were fuckin' foes
Flashin' lights, I just love the strobes
And last night I was blastin' Last Night, your girl love The Strokes
Keep your tuxes on
Grab a cup and toast
Turn the TV's off
Your season's come to close
You niggas jump the shark, I just jump on boats
Turning the Wheel with my Fortune and a lovely host
I feel I deserve it, man I've been mumbling flows
Since I was coming home with lyrics out of my cubby hole
Let Vizzy be a name that you come to know
Latch key kid, stayed late when they were going home

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On Hustle Yourself by DJ Capcom

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