Welcome to Jet Life Recordings

After the Heist

by Curren$y

on Welcome to Jet Life Recordings (2020)

Jet life, jet life
Jet life, jet life
Jet life, jet life

We survive hard times, now we slide soft top rides
I got sunshine when it's cloudy outside
Diamonds still illuminate
They thought it was Illuminati when I bought the Wraith
I got another Rolls
My hustle was to blame
Penning rhymes to the rhythm of the rain
Sipping champagne, having things in this game
We used to hit the strip club just to order wings
Still making hella loot through the quarantine
You gotta really want it man (You gotta want it man)
Lead you to the water I can't make you drink
Four hundred horses in command, foreign G5 in my hand
But to get the motor running you just gotta push a button
Every time she go to Sacks she bring me back something
Even behind the mask she mad stunting
Bag hunting, running it up, another one, another one
Rollies I went and bought brothers some
I'm from an era where live niggas dress better
Jeff Hamilton [?] was on my leather
[?] was under the Lexus
Or the Chevy on them hundred spoke [?] I'm like a legend
She was under pressure when I met her
On a date, she didn't want her boyfriend to catch her
Text message connection, met up and then I stretched her
Ordered room service dessert and then I left her (Skrrt)

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