by Creep

on Echoes (2013), Me & You (2020), FUCK YOU (2020)

Nina Sky, Creep
Ohhhh-oh-oh, ahh
Can i get a taste of you?
Thirsty for everything you do (Yeah)
Feels like I'm missing what you got inside
You can be the shining light my guide (My guide)
This fight has got me ready to attack...
You want it
Quit lying
Come try it
You can't fight it
You, you, you
Hey, uh huh
Lay your body next to mine
And you'll have no regrets
There's always gonna rain tonight
A storm that's so intense
I wanna get you inside
I'll make sure that your all right
And we can do it all night
Yeah we can do it all night

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On You by Creep

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