Love Rain Down

Love Rain Down

by Conya Doss

on Love Rain Down (2006)

Ch- When your around I can see so clearly through the
There's something bout' the way that you hold me, keeps
Me into you that is why I know gotta be the one for me.

Verse1-This must be divine intervention.
Heaven must know that I need you, see first I tried so
Hard to refrian from it somehow, love made it's way,
Straight to my heart.

[Chorus1x.] gotta be, gotta be, yeah gotta be the one.

Verse2- Soon I shall not I try to act, frontin' as if
I really wasn't interested in you, had every excuse I
Could come up with but I was just afraid to commit,
Take a look inside my world and you'll probably find a
Scared little girl.

ConyaDoss-I know. Gotta be yeah. oooooh. gotta be.

Verse3-Took a little time set my pride aside [repeat],
I'm so very glad that you chose to stay with me, I'm so
Glad that you chose to stay with me, if you wanna leave
I don't know wherd I be, your my everything my love is

Oooh yeah. [chorus1x]

ConyaDoss Spoken:Gotta be the one, I respect you baby
All the good you do.I love you babe, Dah Dah, la la la
I believe in you, I trust you baby.

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