Outside Looking In

Stay In Bed

by Coin Banks

on Outside Looking In (2017)

Wake up, with the sun in my eyes
The love of my life next to me
One of a kind, up in the night
We Keith Sweat the sheets
But some of the time
I need some rest and peace to bless the beats
Forget the sheep ill get some sleep
When I rest in peace

Forget the day ahead, and baby let's stay in bed
It's a beautiful day for it; take a second to take a breath
You say gods name in vein, amen but then we pray again
We paid the rent and made the bed
So let us lay in it

Been working on world peace, in bed with my girl, Lennon and Yoko
No one knows what the world needs; we forget what we don't know, when we grow old
We all procreate and make love, go to sleep and wake up
Know the truth but play dumb, ain't dealing with that today bruv

I don't want to know if god exists, just want to chill, and watch Netflix
And cook you hot breakfast in bed
But I need some shuteye, so I hit the snooze button
We going back to bed, so who's coming?

Times come and they go, slow down
They move fast and they slow right down
We just gonna roll around in bed right now
If you feel in my heart, it was slow now it's faster
Let's have some breakfast and get back in bed right now'

Verse 2:
Nothings ever promised tomorrow today
Yesterday was here but it's gone again
What's the point of waking up when I can watch the replay?
I wanted to stay, in bed, I'm sorry I'm late

Whens the last time you woke up without an alarm clock
Whens the last time you felt your heart stop
Yo I need some shuteye, so I hit the snooze button
We going back to bed, so who's coming?

Verse 3:
Aye god, sorry, but Sundays my only day off
I could pray but, id rather just watch the play offs
Is it strange if I can't wait till I will get laid off?
And my beds the only place that is safe in a world of chaos

I ain't shaved in a week, I don't even know what
Day of the week it is, don't want to grow up
Lay in my sheets, in a daze I can't sleep
Awake chasing my dreams, they never seem to get closer

Until now, I been in drowning in self doubt
Held down by the pressure, it knocked my breath out
Suffocate for something great but when nothing came, it felt like such a waste
Everything went south, but the other day something changed

Saw a post on my page from one of my fans
Woke me out of my daze and I love em for that
The things they say really stuck with me man
I think its time I got out of this bed

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