Coal Cash

Burning Bright (864,000 Mile Diameter)

by Coal Cash

on Past

[Coal Cash]

Fuck the monetary monotony of how they lock me
Trying to stop me from my path but what they craft cannot block me
Spot me spitting speeches til it reaches the conscious comatose
A ghost amongst your speakers with teachers who never sold their souls
My soldiers rose from the wreckage of a world neglected
Affected by darken skies that the art in my eyes reflected
Rejected the heartless lies they advise through propaganda
No candor in what's prescribed, deprived of the rightful answer
Cancer been on the rise, find demise inside your microwave
We slave to the cycle stayed, stifled by the idol craze
Revival days to blaze the trail, derail your train of thought
Distraught sense of shame and all our brains can feel the same remorse
But pain is lost, of course I'm forced to never give a fuck
Stuck on the negative but rather live so I ain't giving up
I give 'em what they need to feed a soul with nurturing
If serpents bring an army to harm me I'll be the first to swing

[Hook - Coal Cash]

Raise your fist for the words that we write
The realest shit you ever heard in your life we murder mics
Blaze the spliff til the herb got you right
Feeling the heights from the surge of the flight, we're burning bright

[Coal Cash]

Nothing impedes my progress that God blessed immaculate
Accurate death barrage in the squad that we attack you with
The rap you spit is fit for faking the flavor
You favor fugazi fans with plans of making you major
Nomenclature that we brand to turn the land to Valhalla
Got little sluts who like to fuck, how many nuts do y'all swallow
Idolatries ecology with policies of no apologies
Equalities influenza, better censor the etymology
Technology epicenter inventors of groundbreaking creation
Vibration for making sound, no wonder these clowns are shaking
Awaken to breaking down with hell hounds at our beck and call
Wrecking balls we project at the best to bring you death for all
Expect the fall of the country, a bunch of junkies
With flunkies getting expelled trying to rebel like 12 Monkeys
Can't quell the hunger pain or strain from under, it's a numbers gain
But brains maintaining slumber, wake with wonder when the thunder came



Tabs star, luminous light of ubiquity
Soak my frame in propane so I can ignite the industry
One shot to get it right I set my sights on victory
And fight against the night with all of the life that lives in me
We came to conquer, a conscious movement of honest music
While your contribution is convoluted
Something's missing, but if you listen you'll hear it
It's the gift of the spirit miracle scripted in lyrics
This kid is fearless against the interference of these fakes and frauds
Here to slay Satan's horde with a sacred sword
Praise the Lord, yeah that's the cause that I defend
Give it my whole heart even if there's no spark to light the end
Whether I'm in the lion's den or the belly of Leviathan
I will rise to fight again cuz that's the plight of righteous men
Heartbeat of the movement I hope it never runs out
But death eventually comes so I make every one count



I raise a fist, blazing spliffs til my brain is sick
Bang a chick, hanging dick dangling when I spray her tits
I came with clips loaded up to capacity
Fistful of fuck you's, lord the audacity
Arrogance ever since the baby carriage I was carried in
Twisting cabbages like a salad made with carrot stems
I don't have a problem with your lackluster booty flow
Keep the fuck up out of here, go blow it out your cootie hole
Twist a doobie though and lay my shit up in the studio
She wapped the whole squad, yo baby moms is a groupie hoe
You hustle backward, I don't have an ego
But you should put your faith into God like Tim Tebow
So tell them take a knee cuz all that bravery will get you clapped
You got some shit to say to me then say it B it's plain as that
I'll lock a target in my site you could say goodnight
The illest shit you heard in your life that's why we burning bright


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On Burning Bright (864,000 Mile Diameter) by Coal Cash

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