5000 Ones

by Clipse

{Ladies and Gentleman} {*echoes*}

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Drama, Mr. Thanksgiving
Jazze, we got one, big dawg~!
Pay attention, go~!
{*Diddy ad-libs throughout Intro*}

[Hook: Nelly]
I got 5000 ones, lookin' for the baddest b*tch in the club
I'm lookin' for her (OH), I'm lookin' for her (OH)
I got 5000 ones when I see her pimp, I'm throwin' it up
I'm lookin' for her (OH), I'm lookin' for her (OH)

See me when I walk in, ain't nothin' to it
Brought ten stacks to the back, then threw it
Make it rain, ain't a thing
When it come to money I got it, man
You the next best thang, I'm the hottest mayne
You talk that sh*t, I'm 'bout it, mayne
We way over here, up out your range
Don't try to be G, that's not your thang
You try me G, that Glock gon' bang
K-I-N-G, that's not gon' change
I'm rich b*tch, I don't care about no fame
Cause if all else fails, I got cocaine
Still see me all on TV wit it
Still in da hood what ya need he get it
Dough low 44, see me with it
If a n*gga runnin' up best believe he get it
See us in da club n*gga, we be trippin'
n*ggas rap 'bout that sh*t we livin'
7 or 8 stacks on 2 or 3 b*tches
Sucka n*ggas over there hatin', we chillin'
I ran out of ones, so go back get more
Say shawty, bend it over back, real slow
Jack dat ass up, grab that pole
Show me you 'bout that action, hoe


Stacks so fat rubber bands can't hold
Stacks so fat rubber bands can't hold
Stacks so fat rubber bands can't hold it, no
They can't hold it, no, they can't hold it, no

[Yung Joc]
Eeenie, meenie, miny, moe
I'm lookin' for the direction this money 'bout to go
I'm 'bout to blow, we pop bottles
Me and the whole clique certified shot callers, blow top dollars
Got this b*tch jumpin' off the chain like Rottweilers
5000 ones, throw 'em then stop
See I'm lookin' for the baddest b*tch
Splurge for a second when I'm done you can have this b*tch

[Willie The Kid]
5000, 10,000, 20 - ones in my hand, that's good money
Ones in my fan, we get money, she pop that thang, she get that
That money's fallin' like rain, I'm VIP that's champagne
I'm K-I-D do my thang, and yes, indeed, I got change
Or shall I say I got paper, stacked money tall as skyscrapers
Hater's you fly I fly paper, she pop that thang she get that
She make it hot like wasabi, look at that body on mommy
She probably stand right beside me, and I tsunami lil' mommy


[Young Jeezy]
They call me Young, my money long
I make it rain, now loose your thong
Now loose your bottoms, now loose your tops
You saw what I just spent, I could've bought a watch
I could've bought a car, maybe a couple bricks
I send my hood b*tch the fifths on a shoppin' trip
5000 ones, ya you know young wit it
So high up in the air, she need a flight to go get it
Still Mr. Magic City, you know no replacements
This is what I do I got a pole in my basement
If I can make it to Onyx, I bring Onyx to the condo
Call lil' bro bring me 20 grand pronto

[Hook] + [Interlude]

It's the Twista and can't nobody hold him
The money the stacks that we makin' you can't fold 'em
Get love in the strip club
Gotta n*gga feeling so freaky they askin' is you roamin'
Yeah, makin' it rain is automatic when
She's askin if you trickin' you got it
Pimpin' is a habit from Twista Magic City
And the muthaf*ckin' betta bet not b*tch about it
Steady stackin' paper
That's the reason we be throwin' it up
Dollas at the coke, they slang D
Really lil' momma all over DJ Drama
And T.I., Joc, and Nelly when we in da club
I'mma pop a couple of bottles
And I'mma start that good sh*t up
Got 5000 ones and I'm about to throw it up
Sip on some that Patron
I'mma 'bout put a hundred on one of them thongs
Gotta cup a lil' somethin' cause I pay the bill
Still money ain't sh*t, I make major deal
Better ring the alarm, here come the paper
Twista comin' in the club when I get I pop a lot
When she come up wit a fatty I gladly tip her
Jazze, tell 'em what I got

[Hook] + [Interlude]

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