Die tonight

by Charlie Blade

on SUCKER (2014)

[Verse 1: charlie]
We like peaches and mangos hanging in the trees
But one careless mistake can knock us right up off those leaves
I know that if you're willing we can whined hands of time
And take us to the unknown where you and i can lie
She saying baby slow down cause i don't want to die
I can explain everything you've seen with your two eyes
I said it is too late she said no it is not
Boy i said i loved you how quickly you forgot
Speeding in my new car with time moving so slow
Life is full of secrets that i rather not know so i don't ask no questions
I never learn my lesson and you wonder why i smoke cause i'm always over stressing
Warn them like discretion this just one of my sessions and my life so reckless but

[hook: charlie]
I don't want to die tonight (x10)
I don't want to die

[Verse 2: charlie]
Die tonight i don't want to die tonight
Get it popping like columbine
We can pick it up when the time is right when the time is right
While we wishing on stars in the black of night tryna fix ya heart it ain't acting right
What about the time we spent you said it wasn't nothing but some loose change
I don't feel like lettin' go but i'm bout to try some new things
She told me move on but its hard to let go all these issues and lies between us i guess you reap what you sow
I don't want want to die tonight i wanna get high tonight stuck in a cloud lost in the sky tonight together we fly but i knew she was the pilot type
But you always run to him when you crying right thats why im always asking questions
She never learn her lesson
Just another one of my sessions
And love is so reckless but

[hook: charlie]
I don't want to die tonight (x10)

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On Die tonight by Charlie Blade

By Cassandra


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